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        (SLC I DT)西門子中國 (SLC-Industry)工業業..
        所屬部門:I DT -西門子(中國)有限公司 Drive Technologies 驅動技術集團
        • 學歷要求: 不限
        • 工作經驗: 不限
        • 更新時間: 2017-03-12
        • 招聘人數: 若干
        • 招聘對象: 社會人才
        • 工作地區: 上海-黃浦區
        • 專業要求: 電力與電氣工程類;
        Goals/Mission: - Responsible on development strategy, integration and compatibility of E-car power train system architecture. Working Partners/Contacts: - Internal: Other EC BU China R&D colleagues and R&D manager; EC BU China PLM manager; - External: EC BU Germany R&D colleagues; external researchers and customers. Tasks: - Development strategy, integration and compatibility of the powertrain system architecture; - Definition of E-car powertrain system and structure architecture, with customer requirement input; definition of E-car powertrain platform for series product development; - Definition of interfaces within the system; - Overall responsible for feature specification (e.g, sizing, vehicle kinetic simulation, energy system economic simulation, etc.) - Consultation and cooperation in development of documents for detailed design; - Adherence to industrial regulations and work law (e.g. operational safety and information security).
        Education: - Master or above, majored in Automation Engineering is preferred. Knowledge/Languages: - Comprehensive knowledge and experiences in powertrain architecture design, realization (inc. simulation), and implementation; - Demonstrated research potential and capabilities; - Power system simulation tools (e.g., CRUISE, ADM, MATLAB, etc.) Experience: - Master or above, PhD strong preferred, in Automotive Engineering; - At least five years working experiences in vehicle powertrain architecture in top OEM, research institutions or OEM powertrain suppliers. - Relevant experiences in E-car strongly preferred; - Demonstrated research potential,dedication and capabilities; - Communication and presentation skills; - Communication Experience with foreigners especially Germans is a must. Capabilities: - Unlimited thinking; - Initiative; - Coaching Mentoring; - Analytics; - Customer Focus. - Job Language:EN Electro-mobility is one of the world’s most important future fields for Siemens. We want to play a role in the evolving global market right from the beginning as a key stgic partner and reliable supplier of technology for automotive industry. Based of the Siemens Drive Technologies Division, which is the world‘s leading supplier of products, systems, applications and services for the entire drive train, E-Car will be one of the most quickly developing department in Siemens. In fiscal year 2010, around 36,000 employees of this Division (September 30), achieved total sales of 7.0 billion; we believe that E-Car will bring more profit to this great success. Join E-Car as part of this division, drive the dream of E-Mobility, be the pioneer of new branch!

        職位類別: 自動控制工程師/技術員

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        • 公司性質:股份公司
        • 所屬行業:電力、電氣、自動化、熱力、鍋爐、照明、電池、電源、電纜、光電等
        • 所在地區:北京-朝陽區
        • 聯系人:Ma Chao
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        • 郵箱:會員登錄后才可查看
        • 郵政編碼:130012
        • 地址:北京

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